Found: Vivamondo — An  Amazing Oasis of Online Beauty Products

Last Saturday afternoon, I was delighted to discover that I had a new Twitter follower (yay!). It was an online beauty retailer that I had never heard of (and I like to think that I’ve heard of them all) called Vivamondo.

Upon further investigation, and relief that it wasn’t spam, I learned that this website was quite possibly one of the most prolific beauty e-shops I’d ever come across.

So naturally, now I’m obsessed.


The marvelous Borghese mud mask that I can never find. The first foundation I ever used on a regular, adult basis. My mom’s favorite Clinique facial soap, complete with dish, and her number one Christian Dior fragrance of the ‘90s, Poison.

It’s like an online beauty mega mall—everything I need, all in one spot.

Other pluses: the site is super easy to navigate: you can search by category, brand (they sell more than 450!), and price. You can pay via PayPal, which is a sweet extra option for obsessive cybershoppers like me.

And they also have an outlet, where prices are 30-70% off. So if you’re looking for deep product discounts, make sure to check it out.

So thank you, Vivamondo, for liking my tweets. I would have never known of your awesome, product-filled presence otherwise!