The best gifts are the ones that are useful for years and years, not the ones expunged with April’s winter clothing purge. But then there’s your friend who only wears things once, because although they are so now right now, in five minutes they are so replaceable. Maybe she has a personal style blog and needs to keep up with the rest of the Campbellites, or maybe she just likes keeping up with the times.

So for this joyous holiday season, get her something she’ll squeal over and love intensely for a while, like velvet smoking shoes or a circle scarf in one of the 752 different colors American Apparel offers. If you really love her, throw a bottle of Chanel Peridot her way. Or go the instructive route and let her know that though you do love her, you don’t necessarily think it’s a good plan to spend $200 on things like circle scarves and feather earrings every other month, and let her know this with words. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a good start.

Confessions of A Shopaholic | $7.99
Circle Scarf | $28
Chanel Peridot | $34.95
Velvet Smoking Shoes | $34