Ah, the hipster, though held in contempt by many and taken seriously by few, they continue to thrive with their awkward haircuts, skinny jeans, and offensively unoriginal attempts at originality.

Everyone has a hipster friend whose fashion inspiration is meticulously culled from NWA album covers, Urban Outfitters catalogs, or Zooey Deschanel.

Always keen on trends but often low on cash and proud of it, hipsters love totes by couture designers—Marc by Marc Jacobs is a big favorite.

However, what your hipster would really love is this tote by trendy and fashion forward brand, Opening Ceremony. The tote comes with an assortment of trinkets: a smile mouth chip clip, tooth shaped dental floss, shark shaped bottle opener, light bulb shaped tape measure, and a mini recycling trash can. They also  are available in  pink, purple, red, and navy, which makes it a great gift for your hipster gal or guy.