For that girl you know who is surgically attached to her iPhone and is rarely seen sans Louboutins and a cocktail, thoughtful gifts are the way to go.

For when she needs a break from the stilettos, luxe looking loafers will be much appreciated. If she’s one of those who drop their expensive-as-botox phones as soon as they are standing on a hard floor (like me, minus the botox comparison), a Yofo will make sure she’s able to cradle that baby tight as she shops, drinks, throws herself into cabs after drinks, and wakes up early and discreetly in the wee hours to make her way home from wherever that cab took her after drinks.  And for any budding socialite, a subscription to Vanity Fair is definitely a necessity.

ELLE Star Loafers | $40
One year subscription to Vanity Fair | $26
Yofo SmartPhone Protector | $26