15 Gifts for 15 Fashion Archetypes For Under $50 Gift Guide: The Working Girl

You know her all too well—she’s married to her blackberry, is always on the go, and she does not understand the concept of rest.  She may at times forget, or cancel the plans you two both make because her asshole boss won’t catch her a break. And you can’t force her to take that much needed vacay as she would probably forget to plan that too. The least you can do is assist your working girl’s busy bee lifestyle with this Merona Tote Spicebag.

While you can’t give her that magical Mary Poppins-esque bag that will hold her whole life—this comes in just as close. This big briefcase bag will not only be large enough to hold her working life essentials, but it keeps them easy, stylish and ready for grabs.

Merona Tote Spice bag | $44.99