6A new blog has suspiciously popped up revealing nude pictures that look a lot like Irene Morales, the ex-American Apparel employee currently suing CEO Dov Charney in the sum of 250 million for sexual harassment.

MO received an anonymous tip about a leaked email that reveal the pictures that Morales allegedly emailed to her then boss Dov Charney after she worked at American Apparel.

The blog, which appears have just opened this week, hosts dozens of  nude pictures of Irene Morales, Kimbra Lo and Alyssa Ferguson, one of the three other women also named in the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Charney.

Someone at American Apparel must have been doing lots of uploading!

With Fashionista’s bombardment of anonymous tips about the past of Kimbra Lo, the most recent ex-American Apparel employee suing Charney, it’s safe to say that there’s a smear war happening.

Does this change things for Charney?  I’m not sure.

If you’re interested in the pictures, you can click hereWarning: Pictures are highly NSFW.