My Best Fit Kiosk Scan

I remember the good ole days when you could walk into a store, know your size, buy a pair of pants, and leave.

However, these days, I find myself trying on dresses between a zero and an eight, depending on the brand I’m wearing.

Known in the industry as “vanity sizing”, a.k.a, self esteem boosters or down-right liars, the practice of vanity sizing has led fragile consumers to believe that they are a size four when they are actually a size 14.

The practice has gotten so way out of hand that there is a new free service from MyBestFit which  has created a special “body-imaging” kiosk that are installed in malls to help the hopelessly, confused shopper.

I don’t know about you, but I never, ever want to know the circumference of my thighs.

But good luck to the brave soul out there that does.

The kiosk is super easy to use. It scans you just like one of those oh so fun full body scanners at the airport, except without the pointing and jeering of airport security. You step in, enter your body statistics, and within ten minutes you have a complete list of brands that fit you and your body type.

How truly depressing that we need to get all Star Trek to get our sizes in each store. Why can’t we just standardize these sizes, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, H&M???

We’re a nation of strong women, after all. (Though honestly, I really don’t care what size I am so long as the number stays below four.)

In the meantime, malls, please consider putting a MyBestTherapist booth right next to the MyBestFit kiosk to help the extreme emotional breakdowns of women at the mall.