Courtesy Photo: Versace
Courtesy Photo: Versace

Gucci, Jean Paul Gautier, Lanvin, and now Versace; what do all of these names have in common, other than being synonymous with wealth, excess, and luxury?

I’ll tell you: children’s clothing.

Versace has recently jumped on the bandwagon; releasing sketches for a Rock n’ Roll inspired line of kids wear set to hit stores next spring. These frocks range from dresses to pants to hoodies to most anything else you could get in a couple sizes larger for mommy or daddy.

You can expect the line, called Young Versace, to incorporate Versace’s iconic Greek motif into its pieces, sporting a Medusa head as its logo. Where Young Versace may only cater to a certain type of tot, its hard not to appreciate the quality and originality of its designs.

The line will be presented at an event, next month, in Florence; but if you just can’t wait, sassy sketches are already available online.