Photo: Ben Wright/ WWD

It is no secret that Victoria Beckham has been dominating the fashion scene with her clothing line.

Now in its sixth season, she is set to launch a brand new collection of ultra feminine frocks, labeled simply ‘Victoria’ by Victoria Beckham.

Her new range of dresses feature a  feminine and loosened silhouette, which is a change from her usual structural and fitting collections.

When it comes to Victoria’s inspiration, the newly incorporated daintiness within the ‘Victoria’ by Victoria Beckham line is being attributed to her baby bump. And just in case you aren’t one to indulge yourself with celebrities’ everyday lives, Victoria is pregnant once again.

This time, she is pregnant with a baby girl.

And while the expecting mother may be overcome with all things girly and cute at the moment, she claims her ultimate inspiration really lies within the edgy cartoon character ‘Emily the Strange‘.

The newest collection of Beckham’s dresses features sixties mod styled outlines which exude simplicity with boatnecks,  bright colors, pleats, and bows, along with flirty prints incorporating clouds, moons, and kitty cats (a tribute  to Emily who is often depicted surrounded by four cats) named “Victoria cat” and “Cutey Cat”.

“These are the kind of dresses I’ve been searching for,” Beckham says in an interview with WWD,  “The perfect little summer dress, something that was fun, something that was girly, something that was easy to wear, something that would take you from day through the night.”

Beckham is aiming at a broader audience with her new ‘Victoria’ collection and each dress will retail between $550 to $900. A few of the dresses from the collection, with hand-finishing and Indian embroidery, will retail over $1000.

The ‘Victoria’ by Victoria Beckham dress collection is expected to launch in spring of 2012.