Vogue Italia Curvy IssueVogue Italia’s gutsy editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani wanted to make a bold statement with this month’s issue.

And that she did.

Her decision to host curvy models on the front cover of the June 2011 issue has sent the fashion world into a tizzy.

The black and white cover features plus-sized models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley dressed in sexy lingerie lounging promiscuously over plates of spaghetti.

And on the inside editorial, Marquita Pring joins the group in a series of uber sexy photos courtesy of Steven Meisel.

While the pictures are pretty powerful statements, they are not the only thing racking up criticism.

The title of the editorial itself, which reads “Belle Vere” or “Truly Beautiful Women,” is enough for a worldwide fashion controversy. Indeed, this is a thought provoking title given the industry’s adoration of waifs.

Sozzani’s response? “Curvy is sexy: This is the message”.

Make no mistake, Sozanni knew what kind of hype this would conjure up, but she didn’t do it just for the publicity. Her current projects have featured models that are not stick thin.

Sozzani also has organized a section on the magazine’s website entitled Vogue Curvy, which serves to give plus-sized girls tips on what to wear, along with starting up a campaign to shut down pro-anorexia websites.

In explaining her campaign for curvy, Sozzani says, “Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.”

Sozanni recently told WWD that this month’s edition of Vogue Italia was not meant solely for shock value. She wanted to relay the message that girls with meat on their bones are just as pretty as the thin ones. “Beauty is multi-faceted. Tall, petite, shapely or skinny: there are admirers for all types of women.”

Amen, to that!

Please note, the gallery contains nudity and may not be suitable for work viewing.