Amy Winehouse left behind more than just unreleased songs and a slew of depressed fans.

Prior to her tragic death, the singer had just finished designing her collection for British fashion company, Fred Perry.

Now, just days after her death, the question that still remains is, will Fred Perry still release the last remaining collections of her clothing line even though she’s gone?

Having released her very first collection with Fred Perry last October, the blues singer went on to release more installments for the co-designed line, all of which radiated Amy’s vibe.

Characterized by herringbone pencil skirts, gingham skinny pants, loafers,  polo shirts, and wide waist belts, everything reminded us so much of the fifties that all you would need is Winehouse’s giant teased beehive and thick black eyeliner to complete the look.

Before her untimely death, Winehouse had reportedly finished work with her last three collections for the design label, all of which were planned to be released up to the Fall 2012 season.

But considering the events of the past week, the aforementioned question has been up in the air.

Since Amy’s death last Saturday, these collections have sold out entirely through the Fred Perry online store.

Sadly, we may not be seeing Amy’s final designs on shelves anytime soon, but that’s not to say that it won’t ever happen.

Fred Perry has been very understanding of the whole situation and, therefore, they have decided to put any decisions about Amy’s final collections on hold until her parents and family members are willing to discuss it.