Have you seen this video yet?

Although, I have yet to run amock on the streets and find myself boob-bumping Amy Poehler, as a new inhabitant of New York, I can say that the video registered with some of my experiences.

Boob bumping, as demonstrated in the video below, is a classic tie between women’s souls. When you bump boobs with a woman, you can’t go back. You are more than friends, you are “soul sisters.”

When Amy is derailed by a vengeful pack of oranges, the girls in the video, who are busy rushing everywhere in the search of pastries and WILL NOT compromise their weed or booze budgets (thank you very much), she reminds them that they boob-bumped and are therefore linked in a way that God can never take away.

Watch the entertaining 7 minute film and learn the ways of sacred womanhood the Ya-Yas could never teach you.