DIY Halloween Costumes Under $50 — Darkman

If there’s one thing that’s definitely “in” right now, it’s geek culture.

The days of closet geeks and nerds living in fear of atomic wedgies and prolonged virginity are long since gone with current  pop culture nerd obsessions like “World of Warcraft,” superhero movies like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and even shows like Game of Thrones and  The Walking Dead.

Yes, it’s a new golden age for geeks everywhere, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find some sub-culture that isn’t being exploited to the point of mass commercialization (case and point: the great Watchmen mass hysteria of 2009 that nearly sent Alan Moore into misanthropic seclusion forever).

Luckily, Meets Obsession has got you covered so you won’t be dressed as the Joker along with half  the country during Halloween this year.

Sam Raimi’s (Spider-Man Trilogy, Evil Dead Trilogy, Drag Me to Hell) Darkman triology is a rare cult phenomenon in that it hasn’t (yet) been exploited for remakes and/or its own line of Hot Topic products.

As such, it also makes a totally original, kick-ass and cheap costume for all you closet geeks out there. All you need is a simple black duster, a fedora, and some gauze to recreate the masked vigilante anti-hero of Raimi’s beloved superhero trilogy.

Also, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest checking out all three Darkman films before it falls victim to the inevitable “crappy remake” syndrome.

How to get this costume:

Woven Gauze Bandage Roll  | .79 each

(Note: Order 5 – 8 Rolls)

Solid Black Wool Felt Structured Fedora Hat | $29.99

Duster Coat Black Costume | $46.95

Total Cost: $77.71