Photo Diary: BYT’s ‘A Night at the Newseum’ in Washington D.C.

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We all looove a good party.

And if you add booze, a ping pong table and some scary Halloween costumes to the mix, you’re guaranteed a great time.

Meets Obsession spent Friday night at Brightest Young Things’ sold out Halloween bash at the Newseum (which is a stellar venue that makes us want to be Cokie Roberts when we grow up).

As always, we started at the bar before we pushed through some Ghostbusters and ghouls to check out the dance floor where we boogied the night away (or rather, next five minutes) with some awesome mummies.

We got distracted when we heard there was a ping pong table in the basement and that two dead guys were playing head-to-head in a veritable ping pong showdown.

The great thing about the basement is that you can ride the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory glass elevator all the way up to the top floor! Bonus.

And, there’s a bar in the glass elevator. Double bonus.

Oh, BYT, you think of everything!

Here are some of the great costumes that impressed us.

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Mei Tan
Mei Tan
Mei Tan is currently obsessed with lace-up booties, anything by Marc Jacobs, sleeping in until noon, and “winning.”

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Photo Diary: BYT's 'A Night at the Newseum' in Washington D.C.