Chick BeerBeer drinking has just taken a step in a feminine and somewhat questionable direction with the creation of  “Chick” beer. It’s just what it sounds like, beer marketed towards women.

How did originator Shazz Lewis implement this marketing technique?

Packaging the beers in a case designed to look like a purse, outfitting each bottle in a little black dress, using swirly fonts, and of course… incorporating a whole lot of pink.

While the concept of  a sweeter and less carbonated beer isn’t bad, the execution is nothing short of girly cliches. Truthfully, the slogan “Witness the chickness!” is enough to make many women roll their eyes before taking a single swing.

When asked about her inspiration, Lewis had this to say to the Village Voice: “I knew I wanted to make it stand out. There was no sense of going halfway. I wanted to use pink and black and do something extremely iconic [by depicting it using an image of] a purse and a little black dress. I wanted it to be fun and sexy and I wanted people to have a good time with it. Beer’s about fun.”

Though the final product turned out less iconic and more ironic, her efforts to tap into an untouched market should be applauded.

Would you drink “Chick” beer?