Brian May and Jo Calderon
Lady Gaga’s alter ego “Joe Calderon” with Brian May at the 2011 VMAs.

There’s almost no way to revive a band once the lead singer has passed. For a few examples, just look at groups like Nirvana and Joy Division.

Perhaps the most famous of them all was Queen — the band all but quit when lead singer Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991 due to AIDS-related illness.

Now, Queen guitarist Brian May and the boys are looking to kickstart the group again. But who can you find as flamboyant and talented a star as Mercury? Enter Lady Gaga.

The avant-garde superstar has been a fan of the band for years, often citing Mercury as one of her biggest influences. At this year’s past VMAs, she even brought May onstage for a glorious guitar solo.

In an interview with Express, the 64-year-old May spoke highly of Gaga, saying that she was “very creative and someone we’ve talked about singing, fronting the band with. She’s not just a singer, she writes her own material.”

Though nothing is set in stone, May said that Gaga had agreed to do something with the band. Nothing is confirmed, but considering Queen’s place on the rock stratosphere, there are probably a bunch of singers queuing up to get their chance to work with the musical legends.