When I first heard that the writer of “Fight Club” would be working on a new miniseries for HBO and the BBC, my mind immediately ran to Chuck Palahniuk, the author responsible for the acclaimed novel.

Turns out that I was wrong, Jim Uhls, writer of Fight Club the screenplay as well as 2008 teleportation flick Jumper, is currently collaborating with Trent Reznor on the series based on the Nine Inch Nails 2007 album Year Zero.

The show, highly critical of the United States government, will be a sci-fi illustration of the year 2022 as a dark dystopia.

This isn’t Reznor’s first go around in music and film. He has received tremendous praise for his work with the Nine Inch Nails, along with an Academy Award for his contribution to the score of Academy Award Nominated The Social Network. Soon he will also be working on the score for the anticipated film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

With two seasoned artists like Uhls and Reznor working side by side, Year Zero has the potential to be one of this years most controversial and extraordinary features to hit the small screen.