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That was then…and this is NOW. Embrace it.

This is the California band, thatwasthen’s central tenet in creating music. And while their name and lyrical intentions contain many meandering meanings, the core of their message is clear, distinct, and passionate.

The blasting guitar solos, stereophonic phasing, and residual energy of true classic rock might be a thing of the past, but the five young boys that make up thatwasthen are resurrecting this classic sound in full force on their track, “Places to End” from their first EP Q.E.D released in 2009.

Inspired by Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and Jimi Hendrix, this fivesome is bringing back the vintage vibes of notorious guitar heroes who set the standards of genuine rock n’ roll.

Having performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, thatwasthen is composed of the philosophical sage, Brenton Sinay; shredding guitar prodigy, Nick Papageorge; electric pianist, Nathan Longdon; vigorous head-banging bassist, Benny Dacks; and powerful drummer, Chris Bridge. And with intriguing lyrics like, “Lying bleeding, beaten/ In the trees of Eden. /O, of all the places to end,” they’re sure to leave you wanting more.

“Places to End” resonates like a gospel that is perhaps about the end (or beginning) of the world, and our society, which at times may feel hellish and full of “desert hummers” and “devil people.” The track is a Foo Fighters-esque apocalyptic anthem for those rockers nostalgic of the past, and yet, compliant to the musical condition of the present.

When asked about his soulful relationship with music, the lead singer of thatwasthen, Brenton Sinay,  explained, “Music has always meant to me something more than I can describe. I suppose that is why I continue to write, so I can know myself and music more…it literally allows me to bookmark moments and memories in my life with such clarity that even my emotions come with it. I think music spans even further than that [math], beyond dimensions etc. It’s really, the most godly tool we have on Earth.”

This melodic, up-and-coming band is showing that they’re not playing music for the fame or the fortune, but rather, exploring the subtleties of human consciousness, poetic introspection, and the meaning of life.

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Places To End by thatwasthen