LISTEN: Coeur de Pirate — “Comme des Enfants”

Béatrice Martin, a.k.a, Coeur de Pirate (or “heart of a pirate” in French), has all the audacity, essence, and personality of a veritable singer-songwriter. At 22 years old, the French-Canadian singer resembles a sort of ephemeral, blonde maiden of music with charming feminine wiles and arms covered in tattoos.

Sung in French by Martin, “Comme des Enfants” is a track off her debut self-entitled album that generates an unmistakable kind of passion. The song is emotional, simple, and yet contains a degree of mysterious complexity, as she sings of love, loss, and longing.

Born in Quebec, Martin has developed quite the fan base over the years.

Nevertheless it’s clear that this songstress might have the heart of a pirate but has the soul of a shimmering musical goddess.

Coeur de Pirate will perform at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on January 25, 2012.