Ellie Goulding Live in DC
Courtesy Photo Ellie Goulding

Singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has turned heads and hearts in the UK with her number one album Lights.

And now, the blonde British damsel is making her way to full-fledged pop-star induced fame with her current U.S. tour.

Having grown up with a single-mother and enduring through the trials of abandonment, Goulding, eternally beaming and seductive, possesses an intensive pedigree of power and perspective for her 24 years.

In a world of auto-tune and massed produced pop-stars, Goulding has successfully proven that a pop-star can still create good, valuable music, while at the same time having something to say.

Most of her songs have been remixed and mashed up, catering to the creation of fun dance inducing tunes, and her body of work is a contemporary confirmation that pop music can still exhibit  intrinsic worth and originality when executed with talent.

On Monday night, Ellie played a booming full house at Washington DC’s 9:30 club in U Street’s famous historical district.

Bouncing onto stage in a high-waisted skirt, a sparkly crop top, and a leather jacket, Ellie instantly brought the energy.

“Are you ready to move your hips DC?” she yelled in her mic to an anticipating crowd.

Throughout the entire two-hour vibrating dance party, her demeanor and auditory abilities were downright electric and the sold out crowd of teens and 20-somethings held on to her every move and word in admiration.

At times, Goulding resembled a pixie princess that had come to spread her ethereal prowess through her electro-folk-indie-pop beats and earth shattering imposing vocals..

Highlights of  Goulding’s set included her impressive presentation of rising hits like “Lights”, “Starry Eyed”, and “Under Sheets”. She also belted through beautiful ballads like “The Writer”, singing prosaic lines like” Why don’t you be the artist/and make me out of clay/why don’t you be the writer/ and decide the words I say?”

Halfway through her performance, Goulding put her brilliant spin on Elton John’s timeless “Your Song” by turning the ballad sung by the legendary piano man into an authentically modern love song—one that she recently performed for Prince William and Kate Middleton at their royal wedding.

Goulding’s performance was a testament that, like all great musicians blessed with the ability and sincerity of creating heartfelt music,“{her} gift is {her} song.”