Music Obsessions: JEFF the Brotherhood Performs at DC9 in Washington D.C.

Music / August 31, 2011
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Listen to “Stay Up Late” by JEFF the Brotherhood

When you take the roots of Southern rock and smash them together with distorted punk, you get Nashville-based band, JEFF the Brotherhood. The band is comprised of twosome, Jake and Jamin Orrall, on vocals and guitar, and drums, respectively. Unfortunately, neither of the two are named Jeff, but they are real brothers.

The duo have played music together their whole lives, but officially formed JEFF in 2001.  They found some indie success when they joined the side project, Be Your Own Pet. The group stuck together for four years and released two albums before disbanding in 2008 which left the Orrall brothers’ focus on JEFF full time.

They released their highly praised, first album in 2009 , giving them some hype before they released their second album, “We Are the Champions,” this year.

Since then, music publications like Spin, Paste, and Pitchfork have all named the band as an act to watch for. JEFF’s unique brand of down and dirty punk with wild teen lyrics is a must-hear for fans of rock music. Each song has a vintage aspect, as JEFF takes inspiration from old, obscure punk and garage bands from the 60s and 70s.

They’ve been on tour nonstop, taking time to perform at this year’s SXSW Festival. This past Monday, they tore through the District, stopping by to perform at DC9.

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Music Obsessions: JEFF the Brotherhood Performs at DC9 in Washington D.C.