Something dark and dangerous is happening in music today and it’s called Rebecca Black. Although she may be looking forward to the weekend, we are looking at some Rebecca “black” dayz for pop culture.

She’s only the most popular new “singer” on the internet with her breakout song Friday.

Tweeny-boppers love her, Chris Brown tweeted about her (yes, blonde-anger-management-issues Chris Brown), and Ryan Seacrest has Friday seeping out of his little man-boy pores.


Because her video is absolutely awful.

I have a love-hate relationship with Rebecca Black’s song.

On one hand, I love it because it makes me feel dancey (ask last night’s bar table and it’ll tell you), but on the other hand, the song horrifies me–this girl’s voice sounds like a car horn honking in a traffic jam.

Rebecca recorded a song about Friday and its wonders, and as the views on YouTube kept climbing (now up to 47 million!), so did her infamy.

Sources are even saying that a Justin Bieber duet may be in the works – oh hell naw.

This latest internet uproar is produced by Ark Music Factory, “a Community, Music/Entertainment Channel and Independent Record Label” that has its roots in LA.

This isn’t your ordinary factory. Ark churns out pay-to-play videos for wanna-be singers. Basically, you pay a fee, they write you a song, make a super corny video, and spread it virally.

Here’s a video from their recent launch party:

Ark Music Factory’s website says that their community “is for everyone! – Kids, teens and adults,” especially for those with a $2,000 check.

According to the Daily Beast, Rebecca got her start when her parents purchased a $2,000 Ark Entertainment Package which included 2 pre-written songs and a video for their semi-talented, super nasally, albeit enthusiastic daughter.

Her exceptionally quick rise to fame exemplifies how new media can be distributed like wildfire, but the problem is, the video is both funded by parental figures AND is God awful.

What ever happened to talent and hard work?

Bob Dylan was discovered singing in a bar in Greenwich Village after years of playing and practicing.

Hell, Britney Spears didn’t release her first video until 8 years after her induction into the Mickey Mouse club. These dayz people can just lay down some cash and BOOM! They’re on the Today Show, having Pinot with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

We love stars because it’s hard and special to be one, and in the past, you had to be talented to be famous—but what Rebecca Black’s video shows us is that you can buy and sell “special” and that a couple grand can make you famous.

Even so, I am about a click away from purchasing “Friday” ‘cause it’ll make my pre-game playlist off the chain.

And why not?

It’s all in good fun fun fun fun. Partyin’—(Thanks, RB).

But seriously, it’s this kind of “sensation” that teaches us more than just the power of social media—it shows that if star power can be bought, then everyone can be special.

But if everyone is special, then no one is.