Let’s talk about American Idol for a hot minute. I know, I know, it’s a lame show for Middle Americans chomping on their Edy’s ice cream bites in their knick-knack covered living rooms, but seriously, let’s talk about it.

This season is actually kind of good. Keep in mind I was there in the beginning, I voted for Kelly Clarkson when she beat out that kid with the curly fro—I’m pretending like I don’t know his name—it’s  Justin Guarini. I was there through the Fantasia years, and even stuck by it when Clay Aiken was still pretending to be straight.

However, it was the moment when Taylor Hicks won that American Idol and I broke up. We just didn’t have anything in common anymore and our relationship fell apart. It’s been 5 seasons since that fateful time, Season 5, and now that we are living through Season 10, I have seen the light once more.

I’m back for one reason: Pia.

No that’s not a word used on the Jersey Shore to describe one’s vajayjay, but instead a female singer who can hit those high notes like Mariah Carey before she went looney tunes and had Nick Cannon’s twins. Her rendition of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” actually gave me chills.

I may or may not have texted “Vote” to 5704.

Ok, I did. And so did my Mom. BOO-YA teeny boppers, every vote counts!

Oh, and there’s some other reasons why AI and I are back together. For one, there’s that Jacob guy that sings like he’s in Gospel Choir, or the girl Haley with the jazzy voice, how bout that Stefano guy that looks like Joey Tribbiani of “Friends” fame and sings like Taio Cruz?

Maybe I just have a girl-crush on J Lo, who matches her nails with her ensembles, but these people are killing it this season.

I look forward to seeing someone win who might actually get a song on the radio that is not the one that they sing on stage after they win.

For now, I’m on “Team Pia,” because she freaking rocks, but in general, I’m thinking that I’m on “Team It’s Time for a Legit Winner”—one who won’t just be a flash in the pan but will keep on cookin’.

Although hopefully, no lady will have to show her Pia to Steven Tyler in order to win…