ExRatedThe birth of American Idol, the internet, and cell phones has paved the way for our God-given rights to vote and rate anything we want at any given time.

Didn’t like what Beyonce wore to the VMAs? Vote online.

Find Kim Kardashian annoying? Text it in!

Hate your ex? Rate him!

That’s right kids, in the continual effort to make your ex pay, the website, ExRated is allowing you to tell the world how much your ex really stinks (in bed).

The website works very much like Yelp—except instead of restaurants and places, you get to review people. We’re certain that this will bring great joy to those who Facebook stalk their dates because now they can log on and read all the mind dump that prior exes can offer.

This, obviously, is 100 percent emotionally healthy for all parties involved.

However, founder, Tom Padazana has a different story, stating that the site simply provides “a research tool to help people make more educated decisions in dating. And as the site grows…it will make people better dates because the possibility of being reviewed is out there.”

That would be a reasonable conclusion if it weren’t for the fact that most people who break up with their partners generally don’t experience warm and fuzzy feelings. (Seriously, any episode of Cops will tell us this.) Therefore, they might be inclined to tell the world that their exes bite their toe nails in their sleep. In research, this would be called bias.

Frankly, social media and the internet has become nothing but a black hole of TMI; and wouldn’t it be more interesting for you to learn from your date directly that he’s been sober for six months?