Extreme Corset Piercing

Uncategorized / May 13, 2011

Extreme Corset Piercing

Corsets have had an interesting impact on fashion. They went from being every woman’s nightmare, a stomach vacuum of sorts that sucked in at the right places while accentuating the chest; to a revealing, sexy dress backing.

Now, they’re moving to a new extreme with corset piercing, a recent craze that involves piercing metal loops into the skin and threading ribbon though them, like a corset. Ouch.

As crazy as it sounds, this fad is catching on, and attracting women of all ages.

“We get a lot of different people asking to have it done – one was a 45-year-old mum who wanted it done for a tattoo convention…Others have it done because they want to look nice for a particular occasion,” said one piercing artist, based in the U.K.

While this may be a  painful procedure or considered extreme,  it is a commendable way of making a fashion statement.

That is, if you’re up for the pain, scaring, finding an appropriate backless outfit and potentially getting your skin snagged or ripped off by ribbon interaction. Ouch.

Extreme Corset Piercing

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Extreme Corset Piercing