Chilean Artist Creates Hipster Versions of Dali, Frida Kahlo, Che Guevara and Jesus

Fab Ciraolo’s “Icons as Hipsters” series: (left) Che Guevara, (right) Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra

Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo recreates historical pop culture as today’s hipsters in his “Icons as Hipsters” series.

The hipster portraits, which answers the question, “What would Jesus look like as a hipster,” include Frida Kahlo, The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, Che GuevaraSalvador Dalí—wearing a Vampire Weekend shirt, of course—Dalai Lama and many others.

In Ciraolo’s series, the icons are adorning tattoos and wearing trademark hipster duds that will make any Urban Outfitter shopper jealous.

The illustrator describes himself as a sponge that is constantly absorbing the old and new, which he then produces a whimsical and sci-fi mash up of the two—giving what is already there, a new vision. His artistic process is simply imagining the icons in the most fashionable, contemporary way.

Take a look at the entire “Icons as Hipsters” series here and tell us which one is your favorite.