Mood Boosting Beauty: Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Line

I’m a big fan of therapy—all different kinds.

One-on-one sessions can work wonders, if you’re fortunate enough to afford it, (Remind me again why it’s easier to get guns in this country than basic mental health care?) and group therapy can be at times intimidating, but ultimately rewarding.

There’s also journaling, painting, meditation and exercise—all therapeutic activities that I try (the operative word being try) to do on a regular basis.

But I find one of my favorite, and admittedly most indulgent, forms of spiritual fitness in soothing beauty products. Which is why I was so excited to try Lush’s new Emotional Brilliance line.

The idea that there’s a correlation between color and mood is not ground breaking, but the way in which Lush has incorporated this concept into Emotional Brilliance is pretty impressive (they consulted with bona fide behavioral therapists, for example).

Mood Boosting Beauty: Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Line

It’s also creative, and while I usually don’t go for online quizzes or parlor-like personality games, Lush’s gage-your-mood color wheel is just too cute to pass up. (If you can’t get to a Lush shop, you can spin the wheel online and soon, with an app.)

I have to admit, in my case at least, the wheel was eerily wise.

“Have you been feeling like you are making the wrong decisions or that no one understands you?”


“Where is that inner confidence?”

I don’t know.

“Who needs a hug then?”

Me, me, ME!

Dr. Wheel then picked out the following three products to help me reverse my insecurity slump:

Feeling Secure Eyeliner to boost my inner confidence.

Drive Lipcolor to get me moving forward.

Motivated Eye Shadow to encourage me to do what I love (which I’m doing right now, my friends, by writing this very post!)

Now I know, I know—there’s no exact science to these pop psychology-esque findings, and that to many, it may seem kind of hokey.

But even if it is totally bogus, I can’t believe that anything that gets you look at yourself (or perhaps better put, inside of yourself) can be a bad thing.

Slowly, I’m learning that one of the first steps toward self-improvement is adopting a positive attitude, and Lush’s lovely line of products encourages just that.

Plus, it makes you look pretty in the process.

I’m sold.