I love sushi. I could eat it every day—seriously—if my wallet would allow for it.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that I want to smell like it.  And while I was intrigued, I most definitely wasn’t sold when I heard that Demeter was adding a “sushi” scent to their library of classic fragrances.

Now, I know, this is Demeter. They like to push the envelope when it comes to perfume. (Orange Rim Cleaner, anyone? Or how about a spritz of Saw Dust?)

But still, sushi?

Who in their right mind would rant to reek of—or even slightly smell like—raw fish?

No one that I know of, and thankfully, Demeter understands this fact. Which is why the fragrance has no notes of freshly sliced salmon or recently captured unagi. Instead, they’ve captured the non-fishy aromas of the Japanese cuisine, like seaweed, sticky rice, ginger and lemon.


It’s a really fresh fragrance, and if you like citrusy scents than this one is definitely for you. I didn’t notice the ginger until it sat on my skin for a bit, but I liked that extra little kick.

All in all, it’s not a bad cologne, however it really smells nothing like sushi. Which, I suppose, is a good thing, don’t you think?