Your Costume Jewelry Might Be Deadly, According to Study

Health and Fitness / March 19, 2012

Costume Jewelry Might Also Be Deadly, According to Study

You know the drill.  You spot a wide-cuff hammered gold bracelet at H&M, and the fact that the bracelet is only $8.99, you decide to buy two.  Your latest find is almost better than the ring you scored last week at Target for only $14.99.

But did you know that jewelry from both of these stores, along with others retailers, like Claire’s, Walmart, Kohls and Forever 21 were recently tested for their safety?

The results are in, and they may make you think twice when finding your next deal on costume jewelry.

The Ecology Center of Michigan tested 99 pieces from popular costume jewelry stores for lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, brominated flame retardants, chlorine, mercury, and arsenic.

Of the 99 pieces tested, over half contained high levels of hazardous chemicals. Shockingly, some of the carcinogens found are known to be neurotoxic, meaning that they can affect brain development.

According to, “Twenty-seven of the products had greater than 300 ppm lead, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s lead limit in children’s products. Chromium and nickel, which often cause allergic reactions, were found in over 90 percent of items. Cadmium, a toxic metal that has been the basis for several jewelry and toy recalls according to CBS News, was found in 10 percent of the samples.”

These toxins can be extremely dangerous—or even deadly– for young children, especially when put in the mouth.

And if you were thinking of buying a Claire’s Gold 8 Bracelet Set or Forever 21’s Long Pearl Flower Necklace, you may want to reconsider, as these products scored the highest in levels of hazardous chemicals.

Though, we’re not surprised.  Really, how can something that turns your skin green possibly be  good for you?

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Bridget Marowski
Bridget Marowski
Bridget is a writer, stylist, and vintage clothing dealer based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Bridget enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and guinea pig, and in her spare time sells vintage at local flea markets . Bridget is currently obsessed with Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe on New Girl, Moroccan food, and microcars.

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Your Costume Jewelry Might Be Deadly, According to Study