We Ask Professional MUAs: What’s Your Must-Have Beauty Product?

Saj Mac | Atlanta, GA

I love Benefit’s High Beam highlighter! I’m all about youthful fresh skin and this product gives an amazing glow to the skin and is great all year round as you can go from a fresh dewy look for spring, glowing bronze for summer, and ethereal glow for winter! I like to apply it on the top of cheeks, down the center of the nose and a dab on the cupids bow.


Aeni Domme | Phoenix, AZ

My number one product I use on 90% of EVERYTHING (print, film, commercial, bridal) is the Face Atelier Facades. It is a stain that can be used anywhere on the face to give a natural flush of color. It’s easy to blend due to the consistency and feels silky on the lips.

I use all 5 colors often but find myself reaching the most for Cha Cha, Chameleon, and Godiva (which is my personal favorite for my eyes and lips). When doing a natural look, I try to pick a color that is close to their natural lip or pick one that works with their skin tone if they have none.


Ernesto Casillas | Los Angeles, CA

Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundations are a must-have staple in my kit. I like creams for their versatility and the natural finish they leave on the skin. Cream foundations generally don’t set right away, so you have time to blend them well. I love Cinema Secrets for it’s full coverage and skin-like finish,but it can also be sheered down with a silicone based primer, then powdered for a matte finish. However way you use it, the foundation looks even better after a few hours of wear, when it has had time to melt into the skin.


Rachel Lisa | Cincinnati,OH

By far, my CANNOT go without product are my brushes. There are certain things you can use your fingers for like applying foundation, but there is no way you’re gonna be able to pull off an amazing smoky eye without good, quality brushes. They may be expensive, but consider them an investment. I have had a few of mine for over 15 years and they’re still in great condition. I would say my top go-to brushes are the MAC #217 which is rounded for the crease area, and the #242, which is flat for applying color all over the lid.   Oh, and the #210 for the perfect slinky cat eyeliner!