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Has your summer fling burnt out and you’re wondering how you will survive those fall sleepless nights staying up watching “Crazy Stupid Love” alone in bed?

Have no fear, for now you can have your very own Ryan Gosling body pillow.

Yep, that’s right, you can star in your own version of “Lars-ette and the Real Boy.”

The Ryan Gosling body pillow will hold you in his fluffy nook night after night. You can pretend that he is whispering sweet “Hey Girl-s” in your ear, call him your Blue Valentine, even reenact scenes from the “Notebook” shouting, “IT WASN’T OVER FOR ME!”

And the Ryan Gosling body pillow will not judge, only slyly smirk.

And when the morning comes, and you have to leave him to show up for your thankless job, he’ll be anxiously awaiting your return, in tightie whities—just  like the night before, and just how it shall forever be.