Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition—Angelina Jolie’s Ex May Make Movie About Their Relationship, Jenny McCarthy Gets a Talk Show, Blake Lively has a Stalker

Whitney’s funeral will be live on this on Saturday (via HuffPost)

You can also listen to 30-second clips of Whitney’s tunes on iTunes while you watch. Though,  careful if you want to buy her album, in the UK her album prices soared due to her untimely death (via Rolling Stone)

Dolly Parton will cash in, since she’s the one who wrote “I Will Always Love You” (via HuffPost)

Like Whitney, this woman on TLC’s My Strange Addiction is also addicted to having white stuff all over her nose (via DailyMail)

Whitney’s mom, Cissy wants Bobby to stay away from Bobbi Christina and Whitney’s funeral (via TMZ)

Speaking of restraining order, Blake Lively just filed one. Turns out she has a stalker named Sergei (via TMZ)

VH1 wants another Jenny McCarthy Show, and we agree with Vulture, if it’s not “Singled Out,” we pass

Adele wins 6 Grammy’s and reportedly went to her ex-boyfriend’s house to shout, “Suck It” (via

During the Grammys, Oprah shamefully begs people via twitter to watch OWN instead. Tisk, Tisk, Momma O. (via HuffPost)

NBC orders pilot of Hannibal (via TVLINE) and Billy Bob Thornton is making a movie about his past relationship with Angelina Jolie. We don’t know which is more frightening (via ONTD!)