Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

It’s Always Sunny Valentines are red (via Vulture)

Breaking Bad Valentines are blue (via funny OR die)

And Anti-Valentines…are just as cliché as the actual holiday. (via BuzzFeed)

These people dramatically interpret a middle school Facebook photo comment battle. Amazing. ( via BuzzFeed)

Amazon opens actual store (via InStyle)

Tay Swift dumped AND didn’t get the Les Miserables part? Tough break (via digital spy)

11 Best Super Bowl Commercial montage—yes, we love the return of Ferris Bueller, and the nude M&Ms, but David Beckham’s performance sends the most important message to men everywhere: end the saga of saggy-assed boxers. (via The Stir)

Beach Boys reunite on Grammy stage (via Rolling Stone)

6 year old pageant contestant chugs Mountain Dew and Red Bull, calls herself Honey Boo Boo Child (via Jezebel)

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson set to team up again in “Interns.” Just in time to make a mediocre 2nd attempt to their Wedding Crashers movie. (via HuffPost)

Snooki and JWoww to team up for spinoff show and claim that it will be a modern day Laverne & Shirley. I mean, Shirley did date a gorilla juicehead named Carmine, Laverne was a bit of a grenade, and they were always eating pizza…but I don’t know, girls  (via Fox News)

Karl Lagerfeld calls Adele fat (via Jezebel)

Speaking of fat, McDonalds is selling a St. Paddy’s Day Shake of a color not found in nature (via The Consumerist)

Like the entire cast of current Grey’s Anatomy, TV relationships that should never happen (via Warming Glow)

M.I.A. might be fined for flicking off the entire country. At least that would make us feel OK about her agreeing to wear a cheerleader costume (via Rolling Stone)