Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition-- Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Banned from Oscars

One website explores why Mormons—including Mitt Romney’s wife—love Pinterest. Though, we’re guessing it’s probably all the Pinterest pins on cake making, homemaking and weddings combined with young mom posts.  (via Gawker)

The enormous Ginger of late night will retain his late night throne (via Vulture)

Sacha Baron Cohen gets banned from the Oscars, and in response, the actor—via his ‘Dictator’—makes a hilarious video expressing outrage, and “death to America.” (via

British Kellogg’s creates a cereal that is ‘Totes Amazeballs’ (via Rolling Stone)

Judd Apatow has new show on HBO, called Girls. It’s like Sex and the City, but with uglier people and better writing. (via The Daily What)

Someone created a Map of Rap Names. From Young Jeezy to Lil Kim to Gorillaz: these often misspelled and hard-for-white-people-to-say names are all connected. This took someone a shitload of time. (via

Kids predict the Oscars. They aren’t paying attention. (via Vulture)

Victoria’s Secret models and other rich people brawl in NY club (via Fashionista)

Maybe that’s why Kate Moss can’t move her right arm (via StyleCaster)

Those crazy, famewhoring Kardashians get sued again— this time for QuickTrim. Apparently it’s not safe and has caffeine. It therefore is the FourLoko of weight loss plans. (via Fox News)

A peek into Joan Rivers’s closet (via Refinery29)

Drew Barrymore could be preggers (via Just Jared)

Jennifer Aniston gets her Hollywood Star. Sources say industry felt she needed a boost. (via ONTD!)

The top 30 celebs  you should be following on Twitter (via ONTD)

Diddy to launch new cable network. Note to Diddy, Puffy, P-Puff, Didley-Doo: Pick a network name and STICK with it. (via Rolling Stone)

Why blonde beards don’t work on men and why you shouldn’t break up with Mila Kunis, see: Macaulay Culkin (via Hollywood Rag)

Pour your orange juice and throw on “Queen of the Night,” because The Bodyguard is becoming a musical. You’ll get yours once more, Nicki. (via StyleCaster)