Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Instructions on how to be Ryan Gosling: Sunglasses, silent demons and talking out of the side of your mouth all included. (via StyleCaster)

Let’s sing a song while we haze freshmen, shoot horses and carry on through life as drunk, fat and stupid, cause “Animal House” is getting turned into a musical (via Gothamist)

Introducing, Artistifer! Turn any video into something that will steal Oscars away from everyone else (via Laughing Squid)

Speaking of having a lot of time on your hands, someone made a Britney Spears face morph. See her face from Mickey Mouse Club to K-Fed—where things really went downhill—until now. (via HuffPo)

Everyone is into “Hunger Games these days”, including the Muppets. We’re rooting for Swedish Chef, though we all know Miss Piggy would crush in the arena. (via HuffPo)

Halle Berry continues to stay irrelevant in Hollywood by making geriatric wedges in her new “5th avenue” shoe line (via Telegraph)