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Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition — Vanilla Ice Goes Hipster, Jimmy Fallon Gets Sued, Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler Hurl Insults

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Nickelback hurt by the hate. (via Vulture) Meanwhile, the hate continues in “Shit Nobody Says

Vanilla Ice is super-ironic acoustically.  Grab your glockenspiels and ukuleles, hipsters. All jokes aside, this is incredible. (via Vulture)

Jimmy Fallon likes being surrounded by strong women, so sue him! Yea, someone’s already jumped on that bandwagon (via TMZ)

Don’t mess with Martha Stewart or she just might take her vases and pots to J.C. Penney (via Jezebel)

Don’t mess with Joan Rivers. She will crush you and call you a whore. Chelsea Handler knows this all too well (via Jezebel)

On the topic of manly parts, Tim Gunn hasn’t “made it work” in over 28 years. Who’s surprised? (via Celebuzz)

Miley Cyrus goes down on a “Penis Cake” (via TMZ)

Cynthia Nixon has lost her gingerness for a role (via People)

Jim Carrey’s daughter auditions for American Idol and makes it to Hollywood. We’re left wondering why she’s waiting tables for a living.   (via yeeeah!)


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