Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition / January 6, 2012

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition

Elton John wants Justin Timberlake to play him in the story of his life, and we want him to call off his engagement. You can’t get EVERYTHING YOU WANT, ELTON (via ONTD)

Yeah, JT is engaged now. Over it. (via Yeeeah!)

So is Drew Barrymore, though she’s pretty irrelevant these days. Her fiancé seems to be a stud (via ONTD)

And Ricky Martin sets the date for his caliente wedding con su amante latino. Ay!(via ONTD)

Taylor Swift offered role in Les Miserables. Theatre people can’t be happy about this (via IDOLATOR)

New Girl Scout cookie introduced! And it tastes like lemon? Damn it, childhood obesity.  You ruin everything (via Jezebel)

Kardashian sisters being made into Barbies. Barbie in the process of suing Mattel since she “doesn’t want those dumb sluts in her posse” (via REUTERS)

We finally understand the Russell Brand/Katy Perry break-up: she’s not that funny. True dat RB. (via Yeeeah!)

Remake of Carrie coming out. ‘Cause we need to see another pig’s blood covered prom queen using her mind powers to kill people (via Flavorwire)

The Salahi divorce gets uglier than Tareq (via Jezebel)

Jeremy Renner got himself into a bar fight in Thailand. Since he didn’t win, we no longer want him anywhere near the next set of Bourne movies (via ONTD)

50 Cent is depressed. Will someone take him out and party like it’s his birthday already? (via Rolling Stone)

Year in tweets video (via Nylon Blog)

Sh*t  Single Girls Say video (via BuzzFeed)

Casey Anthony posting happy videos of herself with new hair and a new life…Signs of innocence (via Jezebel)

James Franco writing a novel…Signs of doucheyness (via REUTERS)

Nude man going balls out in kid’s fashion ad. Retailer claims it was an “accident” (via Styleite)


Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen is currently obsessed with Dirty Shirleys, Pauly D's pecks, and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC.

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January 6, 2012

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition