Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition — Blossom and Joey Reunite, High Times Release a Cookbook, Justin Bieber Gets Bruised

Hot Links: Pop Culture Edition — Blossom Cast Reunites, High Times Releases a Cookbook, Justin Bieber Gets Bruised

WHOA. Blossom and Joey reunite in Old Navy ad. The reunion makes us happy even though Old Navy makes us sad. (via HuffPo)

Meaghan McCain poses for Playboy and says that she likes to get down. In other news, John McCain is happy that he isn’t campaigning. (via NYDailyNews)

Complex magazine, like many Americans, may have wanted to see what Biebs looked like with the sh*t kicked out of him. Sources say someone will actually have to brass-knuckle him in an alley to stop him from rapping. (via The Gloss)

Looking to get violently high from something other than a weed brownie? Check out the High Times culinary extravaganza (via The Laughing Squid)

It’s official.  “Jersey Shore” will back for another season with a preggers castmate. Pauly D., keep your spray tan fumes and RonRon Juice away from Snooks (via Jezebel)

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