With her overly svelte waist, blonde locks, and perky breasts, Barbie has long been a controversial doll.

Let’s face it, Barbie of the 80s is not the same Barbie of today due to the changes made to make her look more realistic. I mean, really, who has a waist that small?

No longer is she the homemaker and wife to Ken. In recent years, she has worked in various rolls such as a veterinarian, firefighter, and doctor helping little girls everywhere get past the glass ceiling of the job market.

But before Barbie got to have cool jobs and do the things that real women do, she had slumber parties and bouts of anorexia, according to the Daily Mail, who uncovered a Barbie from 1965, called “Slumber Party Barbie.”

The vintage “Slumber Party Barbie” came with an all-pink outfit, a mirror, a scale set to 110 lbs. and a diet book with the blunt advice: “DON’T EAT!”

So much for the food pyramid.