The Terrifying Face Of Synchronized Swimming

When you were watching the Olympics on your work computer like the rest of us, you may have grazed across non-real-Olympic sports, like Trampoline, Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Feeling unimpressed and uninspired, you clicked on Synchronized Swimming.

“Oh, How alluring!” You thought.

Swimming in unison? Check.

Sparkles? Check.

Pointy kicks? Check.

However, once you got into the live feed, it’s highly likely that you shat your pants. Especially if you saw the Russians in their bedazzled Michael Jackson suits.

As the video shows us, the facial expressions on these swimmers are outrageous and intense.

Couple that with the waterproof tranny-like makeup, hectic classical music and you have a truly terrifying death ritual. The likes of which you would see on your spiral down to hell.

Click at your own risk.