This Actually Exists:  Hello Kitty x KISS Toilet Paper

Ever seen those Charmin commercials and wonder what those damn bears are so happy about while they wipe? We think we found the answer to that question.

In a relevant and common-sense combination, Sanrio has paired their beloved Hello Kitty with the band, KISS, made famous for songs like “Lick it Up,” on toilet paper.

The product says, “Look how cute Hello Kitty looks as a little heavy-rocker, now wipe your ass on it. “

Mom always said the best thing to wipe with has 3 elements:

1.) Japanese animation

2.) A friendly cat

3.) A Metal Band.

So, throw up a rock fist, meow, and while you wipe, wonder how much Gene Simmons smoked out the Sanrio execs to OK the distribution of this product.

Probably NOT coming to a grocery store near you.