Shame, shame, shame on me. I got sunburned last week at a baseball game. I should have known better—it was sunny and we were outside (duh), but for whatever reason, I didn’t bring my trusty Coppertone Kids Spray. And I paid the price.

Fortunately, I had moisturized in the morning with Dr. T’s Supergroup Day Cream, so my face, thank goodness, did not get fried. And now I’m obsessed with this line of SPF skincare, which nourishes your skin while saving it from the sun.

It’s paraben-free, packed with anti-oxidants and it hydrates without adding shine. Pomegranate and green tea extracts keep skin calm, while olive oil polyphenols prevent puffiness. Best of all, it’s long lasting, and while you should always reapply after at least 80 minutes, my face stayed sunburn-free for three hours. Just saying.

I especially love these Suncreen Swipes, which are great for on-the-go protection. And the Quick Stick is perfect for popping in your pocket; I’ve been using it on my often ignored, but still sun-susceptible scalp.

Now I’m dying to try this multi-tasking City Sunscreen Serum, which promises to repair already existing damage while protecting against present UV rays. I should probably pump all of its contents onto my poor, peeling body the minute I get it.

Again, shame, shame, shame on me.