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Jeremy Scott’s New Smart Car Will Give You Wings

Jeremy Scott’s New Smart Car Will Give You Wings

LA-based designer Jeremy Scott with his signature Smart car. Photo: Courtesy of Daimler AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Jeremy Scott, the king of stuffed-animal embellished clothing, winged accessories and questionable Panda sneakers, has teamed up with Smart—the auto brand that produces pint-sized cars—to create his own signature car.

The Los Angeles-based designer recently unveiled his “winged” Smart car at the L.A. Auto Show on Nov. 30.

The white “smart forjeremy” two-seater car has a chrome interior and its design was inspired by racecars and airplanes, which explains the winged tail that lights up red.

Scott explained his vision to WWD, saying, “I was really excited because I wanted to make something that would be new, something that would be memorable, something that would be fun, and something that people would recognize immediately as mine.”

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