Fashion Week Chronicles: Blanc de Chine SS 2013
Photo: Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images North America

Chinoiserie has had a heavy hand in fashion since the days of Indochina, and one can easily imagine Blanc de Chine’s designs in some Catherine Deneuve film.

Not exactly an innovative concept.  The conservative line presented lots of silk mandarin collared blouses and cheong sams that felt a bit too stale—as if we’ve seen these concepts years ago with no new updates to the silhouettes.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was all too typical and didn’t vary much from what you would see in any Hong Kong boutique.

The most interesting look was a shorts and blazer combination with mandarin collar, a Chinese take on men’s suiting.

Interestingly, while the conservative fashion of Blanc de Chine is obvious, their seating assignment gave precedence to fashion bloggers over editors and Vogue writers.

Invitations improperly requested attendees to arrive a ridiculous 45 minutes beforehand.  As one would might imagine, there were a lot of begrudged feelings pre-show.