‘Funny or Die’ Spoofs Terry Richardson’s Predatory, Pervy Ways

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, it’s likely you’ve heard about photographer Terry Richardson.

Known for his signature thumbs-up pose, plaid shirts, and aviator glasses, he’s considered one of the most famous fashion photographers of this decade, although, one might argue that he’s known more for his controversies and untouchable cult status than for his body of work.

In the last several years, multiple models—famous and not-so-famous—have come forward alleging Richardson’s predatory, pervy ways.

While an industry turns a blind eye to Richardson’s tales of underage model manipulation and sexual exploitations, one website — Funny or Die — spoofs his on-set skeeviness.

Check out this brilliant video, in which cameras follow “Perry Michaelson,” who looks an awfully lot like Richardson, as he yells at models and takes picture of them (and his crotch) while naked.

In the video, “Michaelson” shares his love for Ansel Adams because he “sexually molested every mountain in Yosemite Park” and his fondness for “roofie-ing” girls.

Though the real-life, somewhat questionable, adventures of Richardson are no laughing matter, you kind of have to find humor in the fact that an entire industry turns a blind eye to something that’s obvious to the rest of us.

Talk about art imitating life.