I Am Not A Virgin
Courtesy photo: I Am Not A Virgin

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, wants sole ownership of the word “virgin,” according to eco- fashion brand “I Am Not a Virgin.”

The Virgin group, who also owns Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, among other companies, recently sent the clothing brand a letter citing that their use of the word “virgin” infringes on their copyright.

What the what? 

In the letter, the lawyers representing the Virgin Group compares the name “I am not a Virgin” to “I am not a Coke” and “I am not a Mercedes.” The letter further explains that such use would dilute their brand.

Obviously, when Madonna sang “Like a Virgin,” she was really singing about Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines. Obviously.

In response to the outrageous letter, Peter Heron, CEO of the New York-based brand “I Am Not a Virgin,” created an entertaining video which cleverly addresses the concerns of the Virgin Group.

In the video, Heron reads the letter from Branson, which asks the brand to surrender their name and suggests alternative names such as  “I Am Not Chaste” and “I Am Not Pure,” at which Heron suggests, “How about I call it ‘I Am Not Made By Richard Branson’?”

Personally, we think there should be laws (or an obligatory bitchslap) against frivolous lawsuits like these. That includes you, too, Christian Louboutin.

You can read the entire letter here.