Return of the Living Dead: Rick Genest Lands Magazine
Photos: Factice Magazine

How could anyone forget Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy?

Thanks to Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti, Genest rose to fame with an appearance in her Born This Way video and as the muse of Mugler.

After disappearing for several months, Genest is back with stealthy zombie-like return as the latest model to grace the May/July issue of Factice, a French fashion magazine with a focus on photography and interviews.

Shot by French photographer Stephane Roy, the inside editorial has an unsurprisingly dark theme, which includes a crown of thorns, blood-red roses, studded leather and a BABY?!

Here’s to hoping that the baby isn’t scarred for life with images of Genest’s face forever ingrained in his head.

And if you’re wondering what Genest looks like sans the tattoos, check out a campaign video he did for Dermablend.