5 Under Fifty: The Cowboy Way

Ever since we saw Debra Winger and John Travolta in the 1980s film “Urban Cowboy,” we were hooked. Not only do we love a good cowboy/cowgirl  love story, but we love us some western wear, too.

Certainly, we’re not the only ones riding the western wear wave. Pamela Love recently launched a collaboration with Nine West that included western-themed boots, and looking at what’s hitting the runways and the retail shelves, you’ll see cowboy /cowgirl influenced fashion everywhere.

From strong looks that incorporate fringe, suede and rugged textures, as well as accessories like cowgirl boots, collar tips and modern looking bolo ties, Western inspired fashion is having a big moment.

For today’s 5 Under Fifty, we’re doing it the Cowboy way. Heee haw!

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ASOS Smooth Triangle Collar Tips | $17

Gomax Cowboy-03 Western Boot | $49

Soul Cal Deluxe Western Tie Shirt | $32

Teal Lace & Sheer Western Shirt Dress | $32

Glam Metal Rope Clip | $30