Red & Black Palette-Perfect Punk Picks
From left to right: Creatures of the Wind, Givenchy, Thakoon

Ever since the days of Johnny Lydon and The Sex Pistols, red has been a favorite color punk rockers.

In the late 1970s — at the rise of the British punk rock scene — the core of punk fashion was about rebellion against the royal monarch. And like most movements, disenchanted youth took to expressing themselves through their creative fashion.

British punk rock fashion incorporated statement-making, bright colors, prints such as plaid and stripes, and hardware details like leather, studs, bullets and spikes. One particular common color combo among the punk crew was wearing the colors red and black.

Fast forward to over 30 years later, and the color combo is still going strong.

Thanks to edgy looks from Creatures of the Wind, Givenchy and Thakoon, the signature punk palette of red and black is having a comeback this fall.

If you’re looking to put a modern twist on a red and black look, opt for pieces that are sleek and well-tailored. A bullet adorned cuff or studded flats are subtle ways to incorporate the trend and add a punch to your outfit.