DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100: Boop, Boop, be Doop!

If you want to look uber sophisticated, luxe and sexy this Halloween, we recommend going all out Betty Boop. Miss Boop is regarded as one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen and you can be too, with this fashion forward outfit we’ve put together.

To get the look just right, here’s what we suggest:
Hitch that skirt up!
Accentuate those assets.
Stand with one leg bent up, like a flapper, at all times.
Try out a girlish Marilyn Monroe-like voice to embody Betty’s sweet, girly persona.

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ARK & CO Strapless Layered Dress – $43

Pim + Larkin Round Cabachon Stud Earring – $16

Ben Amun Resin Large Bangle, Yellow – $16

Rubie’s Costume Co Betty Boop Betty Black Wig – $9

figleaves Italian HosieryDelice 20 Denier Back Seam Stocking – $15